About Us

Andrew and Rachel are a young couple living in their TAG Teardrop Trailer while traveling around the world. Get to know a little about them and Adventure Small!

“We met while we were in college and actually become friends while we were studying abroad in Tanzania. After staying friends throughout college, Rachel thought I was the bees knees and decided to kiss me. From there, the rest is history. We’re now happily married!”


“Travel has always been an interest for us both and has really helped shape our relationship. Even though I may have kissed Andrew first, he told me he liked me first while we were studying abroad in Italy. I told him I liked him too, as a friend. Just look how that ended up!”


We believe that every adventure doesn’t have to be in a big city or at a fancy tourist attraction. Our focus is on highlighting all the fun you can have in small towns, lesser-known places, and local attractions. Sometimes, the best adventures are the ones you have in your own backyard.